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wrvs440n and specific vlan for guest wlan


I have wrvs4400n as a router, firewall and a wireless network access point.

As I found possibility to create other WLAN network I would like to set two networks - one for my workers computers where I need access to same VLAN as LAN (currently I haven;t any VLANs) to ensure access to local servers and LAN printers, and second - guest network with isolation from everything - even router administration access.

Is this possible?  Should I have two network addresses?

I would like to push the guest network to minimum priority, to be sure that my guests will not slow down my network.

Is this possible?

Is this possible to set any protection on guest network like every 24hours renewal of the WPA key?

thank you


wrvs440n and specific vlan for guest wlan


You should create a second VLAN with a new IP address and DHCP scope for guests.

Search the Admin Guide for "Configuring the QoS Settings" (Quality of Service). This should allow you to set the priority lower for guest traffic.

You would need to change the WPA key manually if you do not wish to use the same key every day. You can change the DHCP lease time, but that will have very little effect as the clients will simply renew.

Please let us know if this helps you or if you have any questions.

- Marty

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