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Cisco ASA 5512 two interfaces

i have an Cisco ASA 5512 working as Firewall

We configure one ASA interface connecting to Cisco router 1700 with leasd line internet service without any problem.

Now we have an extra internet connection ADSL 2MB connected to another ASA interface  

I configure the ASA like this :

1-    Enable interface 2 on ASA and connect it to ADSL router (interface ip from the same ADSL router {}range ) 

2-    Create Access rule say source (My computer ip) destination  ADSL network range action accept

3-    Create Nat Rule say source interface inside source ip (my ip) destination interface ADSL ip destination source router ip

4-    Add static route say ADSL interface source ip my ip gateway ADSL router

This steps what I do but it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance


Hi,    Can you share network


    Can you share network diagram , stating how the connectivity is made ?? . what is your requirement . 




New Member

Hi,the attached file is my


the attached file is my network diagram what i need is to have internet through ADSL line from inside lan not through Leasedline.

my Configuration in brief

ASA int1 connected to Cisco Router 1700 leasdline real IP

ASA int1 connected to ADSL Router

i need my computer from inside lan have internet through ADSL .thanks

Cisco Employee

FYI for internet access I

FYI for internet access I doubt this will work because if you configure two default route then ASA won't distribute traffic across two interface, first default route will be the one where ASA will send traffic. However from your description it is not very clear which IP address you are trying to ping and how exactly rules you have configured.


Either attach your config or paste the relevant config in post.

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