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Cisco Protect Link Gateway (powered by Trend Micro)

The PLG managed service is provided for 5 select Small Business Routers:
RV016, RV042, RV082, RVS4000, WRVS4400N v1, WRVS4400N v2
as well as the new Small Business Pro SA 500 series products.

Licenses are sold in either a 5 ($178 List) or 25 ($738 List) seat license SKU:
L-PLGW-5=  5-seat License (formerly LBATMPG05)
L-PLGW-5R= 5-seat Renewal License (formerly LBATMPG05RNWL)
L-PLGW-25=  25-seat License (formerly LBATMPG25)
L-PLGW-25R=  25-seat Renewal License (formerly LBATMPG25RNWL)
The number of seats corresponds to the number of email  address.  We only enforce the seat count with the email filtering application.   With the URL filtering, we do not monitor the number of  users, however, end user deployments can be audited and there are penalties for exceeding license agreements (***see below)
Remember the Cisco PLG (powered by Trend Micro) license allows  for
1) content filtering (category based; currently 82 categories)
2) Web Reputation filtering
3) Email Spam &  Virus blocking. 

Each are optionally enabled on the same license (ie. EMAIL Proxy setup is  optional).
This product does not include a desktop client,  although Trend Micro sells those directly.
Here is how its set up (on an SA 500):

Also, remember we can provide 30 day and 1 year trial NFR 5  seat license registration keys at no cost (see your SBMM or CDM)
Internal Account Mangers reference this internal link for these specific instructions:

For customer using the 30-day trial keys, as they see the  benefits of the ProtectLink solution, many if not all, will want to purchase the  full 1 year subscription.  In this case, they should order the Renewal key to  extend their 30-day or 1 year trial to a full subscription.


** A ProtectLink  Gateway customer may only use that number of the licenses for each it has paid,  and not more.  Otherwise, the end user will violate the terms of the license  that expressly provides that this software may be used by “no more than the  maximum number of users for which license fees have been paid”, as stated on the  purchase order. 

Further, Trend Micro  has a right to an audit of the company and if unlicensed use is discovered, the  end user can incur a penalty on top of what they would owe for the additional  licenses.

I have copied the  relevant provisions from the EULA below.

Sec.  9(b) Paid Use License.  For all other Enterprise or SMB  Trend Micro Software:  You may install the Software for access and use by  no more than the maximum number of employees or independent  contractors (“Users”) for which license fees have been paid, as stated  on Your purchase order, order confirmation or License Certificate. License fees are required for each User  who has access to a Computer (including a shared Computer) which is connected  directly or indirectly to the network server(s) on which the Software is  installed. No more than five (5) Users of Trend Micro Control Manager may  access and use that Software’s report generation functions at the same time;  however, additional concurrent usage licenses are available in groups of five  (5) Users. In addition, You may install the  Software for access and use by no more than the maximum number of virtual  machines (“Virtual Machines”) for which license fees have been paid, as stated  on Your purchase order, order confirmation or License Certificate.  License fees  are required for each Virtual Machine that is connected directly or  indirectly to the network server(s) on which the Software is installed. You may make a reasonable number of copies of  the Software for back up purposes.

Section  22.   Audit. Upon reasonable notice and during regular business hours, Trend  Micro shall have the right to audit Your use of the Software or Service. If the audit reveals unlicensed  Computers, Virtual Machines or Users, You shall pay Trend Micro, within thirty  (30) days of notice, the then-current license, subscription and/or Maintenance  fees for unlicensed Computers, Virtual Machines or Users. If the fees payable  for unlicensed use exceed five percent (5%) of fees actually paid for the  audited time period, You must reimburse Trend Micro for the costs and expenses  of the audit.

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