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Easy VPN vs. Quick VPN


I have to make the choise between  Easy VPN (Cisco) and Quick VPN (Linksys)  solutions!

What are pros. and cons. for each solution?



Re: Easy VPN vs. Quick VPN

QuickVPN is free but it only runs on Windows OS.

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Re: Easy VPN vs. Quick VPN

Thanks for reply!

What about VPN solutions using Cisco ISR and Linksys RV0X routers?

What are the main differncies?


Re: Easy VPN vs. Quick VPN

RV0xx routers have dual WAN ports, which support fast ethernet. RV0xx does not have modems (xDSL or T1) built in.

If your VPN topology is simple, RV0xx can offer higher VPN throughput. With ISR, you get all the flexibility of network configuration that IOS can offer.

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Re: Easy VPN vs. Quick VPN


To activate VPN on Linksys RV0X routers the "QVPN50 = 50 user VPN Tunnel License for RV042, RV082, RV016" is it indispensable?

Re: Easy VPN vs. Quick VPN

QVPN50 license has been discontinued. The latest RV0xx firmware supports 50 QuickVPN users without additional license.

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Re: Easy VPN vs. Quick VPN

Easy VPN, which is available on the SR500 series, UC500 series, the Cisco Integrated Services Routers, and the ASA 5500 series, provides the following features:

  • Split tunneling
  • Ability to expose multiple subnets over the VPN connection
  • Client receives a private IP address from an address pool configured on the router or ASA that is configured as the Easy VPN server
  • Bi-directional communication between the client computer and other devices at the customer site

QuickVPN does not actually have many of the features found in Cisco Easy VPN. Easy VPN, which is found on SBCS and traditional Cisco gear, is really the better product.

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