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Feature Request - SSL VPN Client SA-540

1. SSLVPN Login to the portal

I'm using the SSL-VPN Feature on the SA-540 and and want to ask how the hel* I can make the login better for users.

Currently they need to login, choose the option what to do and than they are finaly able to make the connection.

On the admin page i can set the option if they should use a tunnel or only a port forward.

Why should the user make a decision on the portal??

The most time I'm happy when users are able to switch on there Laptops without Helpdesk support!!!

I want to have the login for the users within this way:

1. Open the portal

2. Login

3. Done - SSLVPN is running!

Is this possible to make SSL-VPN within this way?

2. Change the layout of the portal Site

Sometimes it is required to inform users about something they should know. And we all know informations about changes by EMail will be ignored by nearly every user.

I want to have an optional Message Popup wich comes up after login and a optional counter will hide the OK or CLOSE Button for XX Seconds.

3. Portal Site will fit to the corporate idendity

It would be great to change the layout of the portal Site with own colors, logo and message box.


Re: Feature Request - SSL VPN Client SA-540

Hello Torsten,

For feature request, we need to make a service request to have your thoughts on record. Once the case is made, it can be passed for review to escalate.

If you'd like to make a formal feature request, send me an email or PM with your Cisco ID and the serial number of your unit. I will then contact you Monday afternoon to build up the information then submit for review.

It will be tremendously helpful if you can provide screen shots, configuration files, or even pictures of ideas where you'd like to see improvement. The more detail you have, the more concise and understanding everything is.


-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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