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Firewall Rules in SA520

This is my first Cisco router and am having troubles setting it up to remote desktop and remote web workplace firewall rules to work with my SBS server.

I have setup an IP alias with a static IP through our ISP.  I have setup custom services of RDP with UDP port of 3389 and RWW with TCP port of 4125.

I setup rules in the firewall to allow these, here is an example for the RPD

From Zone:
To Zone:
Select Schedule:
Source Hosts:
Destination Hosts:
QoS Priority:
Source NAT Settings
External IP Address:
WAN Interface:
Destination NAT Settings
Internal IP Address:
Enable Port Forwarding:
Translate Port Number:
External IP Address:

I still cannot get remote destop or the RWW to work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Firewall Rules in SA520


This sounds like the exact same issue as i am having,

I'll try to follow both posts and let you know if i get a solution to it.



Edited to ask, does it show up in the firewall logs as dropping the packets that should be let through to that interface IP address?

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Re: Firewall Rules in SA520

Hi Scott,

We are not seeing this issue that you are reporting but would like to replicate what you are seeing. If you send us your configuration file, I will load it and try it out locally. Please change any password sensitive information from the configuration. Also if you are not comfortable posting it on support community, you can send us through private message.

One thing I noticed that you are using UDP port 3389 for RDP session and I assuming that LAN device to whom you are trying to establish RDP session is listen at UDP 3389 instead of TCP(by default RDP listens at TCP 3389). Can you please verify this.



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Re: Firewall Rules in SA520

Did this person send you the config file? If so were you able to see what was going wrong? I have noticed that noone seems to finish these cases to a resolution point. It would be great if there as some sort of closure to these posts in the fom of a correct answer or a statement that the orignal poster has abandoned it.

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Re: Firewall Rules in SA520

Hi Rob,

We are yet to receive the config file from Scott but if you are facing a similar issue can you forward me configuration file as well as describe the symptom what you are seeing. If you do not want to post the configuration file here, please send it to Please remove password sensitive related information.

By the way, the issue for Allan Lowe in this post above is resolved and you can check the link he has provided in this post.



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