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i need a VPN solution


Hi Guys,

I need a help from you.

one of my client shift some of their employees to seperate building (distance between main office and branch office is 8km).

They asked me, we need to access our file server in main office from the new branch office.

I said vpn is the solution for your requirement.

This is my first project in VPN configuration. and I need a help from you guys. and i am trust only you guys.

i need to know what are the hardware and software requirements to do this ? and how ?

And they are ready to buy VPN routers.

so please help me guys

main office details:

1) 5 desktop users

2) 1 windows 2003 file server only.

3) security camera 

4) Internet connection with static IP

5) Belkin Router without VPN functionality 

New Branch Office:

1) 3-5 desktops users ( all are need to access file server in main office 

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You could use a router like

You could use a router like Cisco 800 series or ASA 5505. Need to know if either side has public static IPs. Are the internet handoffs via ethernet or another type connection?


Hello, sukumark1. An ASA 5505

Hello, sukumark1. 

An ASA 5505 or an entry level Meraki MX60. Will you also need SSL VPN in the future? Let me know if you need more support and e-mail me at ( Kind regards. 

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