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ISA500 and proxy arp problem

                   One of my customers has a ISA570 with firmware version 1.2.17.  He has the ip network in the inside LAN. He has created a new IP network in the same LAN, without change the configuration of the ISA500. This network does not need to go through the ISA500, but only serves to communicate with each other some devices.

The ISA500 seems to act as a proxy arp, because the device have the mac address of the ISA in the arp table for the network

I Know that the correct solution is to create a separate VLAN, but i need an alternative solution as I can make changes only in a few days.

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ISA500 and proxy arp problem

bad idea, because the default rules in zone based firewall are restrictet on ip addresses.

the best thing what you can do and for your customer is:

create small collisions domains and seperrate the network with vlans. To reduce paket lost or paket collisions. Other thing is, thing smart, the firewall on this device are useable and very good scalable, so you can build own network restrictions on every network or you can establish QoS.



Re: ISA500 and proxy arp problem

No matter what you do, if both subnets are in the same VLAN then all MACs will show up in the ISA arp table since its switching fabric is also in the same default VLAN. Do you not have VLAN capable switches in you infrastructure? If you don't want those devices to have the ability to go through the ISA, then don't Trunk the VLAN up to the ISA. That said, if you need both networks to see each other, then you internal switches must support inter-VLAN routing or you will need to trunk the VLAN to the ISA so it can route the traffic.
If you're on a tight window, I'd be happy to assist as what you're needing isn't really that complex.

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ISA500 and proxy arp problem

Do at your own risk:

What happens when you create a new VLAN, put the address in network 170 and plug it in the same LAN as VLAN1?

Shouldn't be a loop, because in the ISA it's 2 different VLANs, and since the ISA is in the same network it shouldn't do proxy arp.

Currently I don't have a test device here, but could work


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