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ISA570W reboot daily


I got a problem with my Cisco ISA570W Firewall.

I set up an ipsec site to site vpn between two ISA570W and everyday, one of my ISA reboot at the same time at 12:09 AM.
There is no schedule configured and I don't know why it reboot everyday.
It 's a problem because when it reboots, the vpn doesn't mount alone, and I need to reboot manually the second ISA to make work the vpn.
Someone has ever had this problem ?What can I do to solve it ? Because it's very annoying....

Thank You !

New Member

EOL and no more support on

EOL and no more support on this crap!!!!

But I was looking for such a feature on the ISA device. How the hell you have enabled this? :-)


But here are some tips for your problem:

1. Flash both (!) bios or rom's with the latest firmware.

2. Do a factory reset

3. DON'T use your current config and setup from scratch

Don't know why but even if you have the latest firmware installed on it this will solve a lot of problems if you do it every 6 month. But don't ask me why. It's working.

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