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Issues with Failover in SA540?

One of my partners is having an issue that remains unresolved - the case id is SR 613266147 - SA 540 Security Appliance / Configuration issues.  The client bought 4SA 540s, 3 for production use and 1 spare.  Partner configured and installed and the redundancy is not working.   I’ve had a case going for weeks and can’t get an answer.  Partner is frustrated that an escalation was promised yet he is still waiting on resolution and in the meantime, have no solution for the client.

Here is the need per the partner :

Client has dual internet connections at each location.  Wants to use load balanced WAN connections and have failover on the site to site VPN between the 3 sites.  If the SA 540’s can’t do this, what will?  We will need to arrange to return the 540’s for credit against the new gear.  One way or another, I need to have an answer for this client tomorrow as I am out of town the rest of the week.  I hope you can help.  Thank you.

Assistance resolving quickly is appreciated.  Thank you.  Mark

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