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Link from DMZ to LAN

We have the following situation. We have an ISA 550 Firewall. In the firewall we have the following zones: WAN (1Port), LAN (1Port), DMZ (1Port). In our LAN  we have our mailserver. In the DMZ we have our wireless network. For connection between our smartphones and the mailserver we make use of a subdomain, which is linked on the internet to our external WAN IP address. On the ISA 550 we have port forwarding and an ACL from WAN to zone LAN, to our mailserver. In the LAN we have a DNS entry directly to the mail server.

So accessing the webmail adress from the Internet (WAN) or LAN works great!!!   But now we need to be able to access this mailserver on the webmail port from our smartphones, when the people are inhouse, and thus connected through wifi on the DMZ. On the DMZ we currently have only 2 wifi access points which are rather straithforward (stupid). How can we formard the adres from the DMZ back into the LAN.

Currently it looks like traffic moves from the DMZ to the WAN, comes back into the WAN and traffic is blocked.

Any ideas?  (without chaning a lot in infrastructure)



Link from DMZ to LAN

Set 2 Firewall ACL's:

WWW from DMZ to Mailserver ACCEPT

DNS from DMZ to Internal DNS ACCEPT

Set DMZ WLAN clients the internal DNS for name resolution


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