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Possible to set up VPN connection using RV802 with Verizon MiFi 4150L?

It was suggested that I try posting my quesiton here, here it goes:

I am trying to connect my iPad to my office computer using iTap RDP through a VPN.  I have an RV802 router at the office and at home I use a Verizon wireless MiFi 4150L to connect to the internet.  I can use the iTap RDP successfully at work on my wireless network there.  However, I have been unsuccessful at connecting at home.  I have also tried using my laptop to establish RDP.  Both the iPad and my laptop say/act like they have connected to the VPN, but when I try to connect, I get a TCP errors.  I first posted on a Verizon board, and it was suggested that I post on the Cisco site where I posted in a VPN discussion and then it was suggested that I post in security. 

As I have searched the internet for help in this matter, I found something about a double NAT issue with the Verizon mifi, but that is beyond me.  I don't know if this has something to do with the one to one NAT setting on the RV082 or not.  Currently I do not have the one to one NAT enabled.  I have set up static IP addresses, and port forwarding to 3389 as iTap RDP requires.  This is supposed to be set up using PPTP and I have enabled that in the RV802.

I can certainly attempt to get additional information if it would help, but I might need directions on how to aquire that information.

Thank you for any suggestions and help you can offer!


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