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remote access to switch (outside switch) between WAN router and ISP



What is the best way to implement remote access (ssh) for switch which connects your WAN router and ISP router? Is it good idea to extend your internal VLAN to this switch for you to be able to get to this switch from internal network?


Thank you.




This depends on the switch

This depends on the switch model. Newer 2960 switch e.g. offer a dedicated routed port which can stay in inside network (or management lan). 

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Hello ciscomax, Yes, I am

Hello ciscomax,


Yes, I am familiar with the OOB ethernet management ports on the newer switches. I do have one question on that.


Lets say I connect my switch OOB ethernet port ( one dedicated switch which is on the same VLAN (192.168.0.x) as this management interface. Now since this management network is not/should not be routable and if I need to access this switch remotely then I need to log into the dedicated switch where the management port is connected and try to access the switch ( there. But in order to get to the dedicated switch, this dedicated switch will need to be on another routed vlan, right?


If thats the case then if there is any network problem then it could that this dedicated switch will also be inaccessible and in that case how will the OOB help me?


Or I am totally not getting the concept of OOB?


Thank you.

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