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Reverse Proxy


We have a customer who have an application on their windows mobile phones

This application communicate with a server which is inside the company.

To have access on this server, this application need reverse proxy. Reverse proxy is used for the https connection.

To establish the HTTPS connection, the Reverse Proxy sends its certificate to the client in behalf of the servers. As the certificate is sent by the server before it knows which server the client wants to reach, the certificate name has to match all servers’ names. T;his is why it is needed to have a wildcard certificate with a Common Name like * which matches, for example,

The server also needs to have the Root Certificate that signed its own certificate. A large number of public PKI Root Certificate as Entrust or Verify sign are alread.

Which device can be used for this customer?
An ASA 5505 is enough ?

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Re: Reverse Proxy

The support community is for small business products label Cisco Small Business.  Unfortunately, we don't have the expertise here for the ASA.  Could you post the question on the netpro forums?  You are more likely to get a response there.

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