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RVS4000 <==> RV120W

I am triying to implement a site-to-site tunnel using 1 RVS4000 and 1 RV120W.

It doesn't work. I can't get them to coonect. I have successfully used the quickVPN clien to connect to the RVS4000 without issue.

I used the setup shown in this article

as a guide to setting up the routers and VPN. Still no luck.

Maybe these routers are not compatible?

Any suggestions welcome.



RVS4000 <==> RV120W

Hello Michael,

The RVS4000 and RV120W should be able to get a VPN tunnel up and running. Are you seeing anything in the logs that would give more information as to what is happening? Often times they will show if both sides can be reached and if there is a conflict.

Re: RVS4000 <==> RV120W

Could you confirm if you have static IP addresses on both end of the tunnel?

There is a known issue in the release note of RV220W firmware

The issue might be common to RV120W.

When a Gateway To Gateway tunnel is configured in aggressive mode, the

router cannot establish a connection to a Cisco RVS4000 with a

dynamic WAN IP address. (CSCtt61631)

Work Around: Configure a Gateway To Gateway tunnel in Main mode

instead. On the VPN > IPsec > Advanced VPN Setup page, select the

tunnel and then click Edit. Change the Exchange Mode to Main. When the

VPN tunnel is configured in Main mode, the router can establish a

connection. However, be aware that you will need to update the tunnel

configuration whenever there is a change in the RVS4000’s dynamic IP


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Re: RVS4000 <==> RV120W


On one end (4000) the WAN is tied to a DYNDNS host name, the other (the

120) is tied to s static ip addesss.

On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 2:50 PM, tekliu <


Re: RVS4000 <==> RV120W

Apply the workaround from the release notes and you should be able to get your tunnel established.


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