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SA-520 and 540 - Can't reach the appliance from SSL-VPN

Folks, I have tried everything I can find, but I know it can't be this hard.  So I am missing something.  Can you help?

I am trying to set up a simple default SSL-VPN connection between a Windows 7 Pro, 32 bit computer and a remote CISCO SA-540.  No matter what gyrations I do, I always get the:

You are not authorized to view this page

The Web server you are attempting to reach has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the Web site, and the IP address of your browsing computer is on this list.


The Win7 clent computer (my computer) is in our corporate network but directly access the Internet via the internal gateway IP.   I can ping the SA540 external IP just fine.  I am using IE9.  The SA540 has the latest firmware and I can reach the SA540's management interface via RDP through the remote host's network.  Everything is configured as per the documentation. 

I have made the active-x changes listed here and I have installed the C++ redistributables (if any of that applies?)  I am assuming that the fault lies somewhere in my computer's configuration as I assume the list of IPs that I am not allowed to reach is originating on my client computer?

But where and how do I change it.

Tearing my hair out here.  Thanks for any suggestions! 

New Member

SA-520 and 540 - Can't reach the appliance from SSL-VPN


We spoke on the phone and resolved this issue. For others experiencing this issue it has to do with port 443 being fowarded to the windows server 2003 iis. You have to change the port to something else like 60443 so that there is no conflict with the port fowarding. After that it will work.


Daniel La Torre Boirivant

Cisco Small Business Engineer

New Member

Re: SA-520 and 540 - Can't reach the appliance from SSL-VPN

Most excellent advice Daniel. Thank you VERY much!


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