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SA 520 dual homed to UC-540

HI There -

I have 2 ISPs.

1) Broadview SIP 1.5 MB (Voice)

2) Optimum Online (business class) 30/15MB. (data)

Both ISPs have an ethernet handoff to the customer. I am configuring a data vlan for ISP 2 and a voice vlan for ISP 2

The SA520 has 2 WAN ports, the UC-540 has 1 WAN port.

I am looking for a configuration example of this scenario, SA520 and UC540 examples....

The UC-540 is live now on the SIP only for data and voice, my goal is to add the SA520 tomorrow, adding ISP 2.

I was also led to belive this is SBCS supported, is that true?

Thanks Marcos. Steve and Bill for you assistance....


Re: SA 520 dual homed to UC-540

Yes, this is possible to configure.

On the UC540, you will need to remove the FW and remove NAT.  On the SA520, you will need to add static routes for voice, data, and the CUE subnet.  On the SA520, you will also need to configure the optional port for WAN, setup the WAN configuration to be load balancing.  Then, go into protocol bindings and select the traffic for the voice and cue subnets to use WAN 1 and for the data subnets to use WAN 2.  I would recommend reading the admin guide for setuping up dual wans and protocol binding to give you some ideas on how to do this.

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Re: SA 520 dual homed to UC-540

Steve - Queston, the optional wan port is setup using the SIP trunk IP etc?

          As an altenative, can I leave the SIP in the UC540 WAN, and route the data to the SA 520?

Re: SA 520 dual homed to UC-540

Yes, you should be to have the SIP trunk on the optional port as well.

Alternatively, you could setup the UC to have an IP on the data subnet and turn off dhcp for data.  Then, you could plug in the SA LAN port to a UC500 LAN port (might need to change the smart port role to switch when you do that on the UC, I haven't tried this particular config but know it will work).  Change the IP of the UC500 data LAN to be a static IP on the SA LAN.  Add routes in the SA to go to the voice and CUE subnets through the data IP of the UC.

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Re: SA 520 dual homed to UC-540

We up and running on 2 ISPs. Thanks for the direction Steve.

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