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SA500 Series and ADSL Connections?!

Over the past year we have been dealing with the Cisco SA500 series on ADSL connections. 

Is anyone using the SA500 on ADSL connections?

We have experienced a whole number of issues with these devices.

As the SA500 device is Ethernet WAN based we realise that we need an ADSL modem device for connecting to ADSL Pots.

But this has its own problems;

If the modem device only supports RFC1483 Bridge then the authentication has to be done on the SA500 which disables the ability to use a static IP on the WAN and this also means that the only encapsulation type available is PPoE Which some providers don't / won't support. As PPPoA is the standard for ADSL connections.

If the modem supports a PPPoA Bridge then you can use the modem to authenticate to the ISP and hand off the IP addressing to the SA. Sounds Perfect.. But in two cases we have found this leads to slow internet, Connection drops, and MTU issues...

It would be perfect if there was an ADSL POTS version of the SA500. Like the NetGear UTM9s

100% of our "Small Business" customers have ADSL connections, but it seems that Cisco have forgotten about SMB ADSL users who want VPN and a firewall.

It would really be nice if Cisco would concentrate more on the ADSL side of the SMB router/firewall range.

So is anyone else using the SA500 with ADSL connections? I am looking at this completely differently?

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SA500 Series and ADSL Connections?!


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SA500 Series and ADSL Connections?!


Make sure you are running the latest firmware releases as they did have some trouble with ADSL/DSL in earlier releases.See if this helps or solves your problem. I know they are not planning on making a SA500 that has ADSL connection. They do have other routers that are capable of ADSL termination.


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SA500 Series and ADSL Connections?!

Hi Jason,

It was running the latest firmware...

What device would you recomend for connecting it to an ADSL connection?

With exception to the the SRP range of router that can only do either LAN 2 LAN VPN or Remote Access VPN what other ADSL options are there? (For the SMB Customer)

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