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sa520 multivlans with relay gateway

we have an sa520 with fw 2.1.71             

we have configured 2 additional vlans on it as well as the native vlan 1

vlan 100 ( is configured with a dhcp relay. relay gateway is set to ip address of dhcp server (windows 2008) on a different subnet ( on vlan1.

if i set client address manually for i can connect to all devices & networks on both subnets.

if i set client to dhcp is doesn't get an ip address assigned to it. client is windows xp pro sp3.

if the same client is attached to the same subnet as dhcp server it will get an address (192.168.50.x)

we've run wireshark on the client & the server side of the conversation when the client is in vlan 100 & when client is in vlan1.

the traces look the same, there is nothing different in the discover / offer packets in each trace except vlan 100 trace has reference to the relay gateway.

the client is receiving the dhcp offer & the offer has the relevent information in it but client reports "limited connectivity" & has an 169.x.x.x address.

intervlan routing is enabled for the 2 networks.

switch is sg-200-50 fw:

any ideas would be appreciated?


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sa520 multivlans with relay gateway

Hi Paul,

If you remove the switch from the network and have a connection for the DHCP server and computer both to the router then you assign the correct VLAN ID to the computer port,100u, does the DHCP work? If it is working directly connecting to the router, it sounds like a port assignment issue on the switch.


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Re: sa520 multivlans with relay gateway

hi Tom,

thanks for the suggestion. i've tried what you suggested but the dhcp is still not working.



an update on this issue.

i've tried a win7 pc & it works. also hp touchpad over wifi on vlan100 works.

all pcs i've previously done my testing on were windows xp sp3.

it appears to be a compatibility issue with xp pro & the sa520 as i've used the same laptop with the same scenario elsewhere but with a different router & it works.


Re: sa520 multivlans with relay gateway

Hi Paul, we have 11 lab computers running Window XP and have not exhibited any interop issues like that. Do you have different XP machines to try with?


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