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SA520 + Quickvpn + RealVNC


is it possible to get QuickVpn and RealVNC to work at the same time?

When i open VNC ports 5800 and 5900 and forward traffic specific ip-address,

QuickVpn stops working and i cant connect remotelly to router.

One of the computer dont work with QuickVpn for some reason which i havent

figured out so RealVNC will solve the problem.

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Re: SA520 + Quickvpn + RealVNC

RealVNC is all that we use.  We use it over VPN (we have an SA540) all the time.  We prefer to use SSL VPN because we can lock it down to port 4900 only, but SSL VPN isn't currently working on Mac OSX Lion or Windows 7 64-bit.

For our Mac OSX Lion users we utilize the OS built-in IPSec client.  IPSecuritas works just as well.

For our Windows 7 64-bit users we use the Cisco VPN client which is now nearing EOL (see here  From my understanding TheGreenBow works just as well.

Nevertheless, no port forwarding or the like is needed.  All that needs to be done is port 4900 opened up in Windows Firewall (which was probably already done for you via the RealVNC installer).

We do not use, or support, QuickVPN as is has proven to be a royal pain in the butt.

Based on previous posts Cisco Anyconnect is on the roadmap to be supported on the SA500 series routers.    (see here

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SA520 + Quickvpn + RealVNC

Shrew Soft VPN should work as well for your all your Windows needs:

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SA520 + Quickvpn + RealVNC

I tried to install that but there comes error while installing something about cannot install network component.

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SA520 + Quickvpn + RealVNC

I suggest you use the Cisco VPN Client.

For 32-bit machines use:


For 64-bit machines use:


For details on how to configure your SA520 and the Cisco VPN Client go here:

I don't have the download links for the Cisco VPN Client handy.  Just Google the file names I mentioned above and I'm sure you'll find them.

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