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SA520 two VLAN


i make two VLAN's on Cisco SA520W ( Firmware  2.1.71 )

a) 192.168.0.x

b) 192.168.2.x

in network  configuration -> Available VLANs ->  " Inter VLAN Routing Enable " check box ( enable )  on both VLAN's

and in

network  configuration > Port VLANs -> all 4 inside ports make : mode trunk , and VLAN Membership both vlan's

But i don't have traffic between vlan's

Can  anybody help ??


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SA520 two VLAN

Hi Valts,

How are you testing the different subnets? If you make port 1 of the router only vlan 1 and port 2 of the router only vlan 2 then renew the IP addresses of the compters does this work?

If you go to the Admin - Diagnostic page, are you able to ping each computer while in the different VLAN?

How are you testing connectivity? Through PING?

Is there a firewall or third party program being used that blocks ICMP?


-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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SA520 two VLAN


I have both subnets to all interal ports ( i now - its not good solution , but i can't do otherwise )

i don't have 1 port for 1 vlan, and another port for second vlan.

from diagnostic page i can't ping computer to second vlan.

if i put 2 computers in second subnet ( 192.168.2.x ) , i can ping from one coputer other coputer.


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SA520 two VLAN


Tom is correct, the SA520 has four ports on the inside, two will need to be access ports only. One in each VLAN with either PCs or Switches on each of the ports for each subnet. Otherwise all inside ports are Trunk ports and any computer plugged directly into any of the four "Trunkports" on the SA520 will not forward traffic to the SA.

To test you'll need to place one port in Access Mode assigned to each VLAN then plug your PCs one into each port making sure the network cards are assigned IP addresses correctly or by letting DHCP assign them if you have it configured on each VLAN subnet.

Once done this way each PC should be able to ping the other thru the SA520 and Ping each interface assigned to the SA520. Which makes me wonder you did assign the SA520 an IP address on each VLAN subnet?

Hope this helps,


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