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SA520W doesn't support WLAN after IOS upgrade


Can somebody tell me what to do for activating my Wireless on my SA520W?

Yesterday I've bought a SA520W, but the IOS version which was delivered was old, so I've done a software upgrade. After the reboot, everything seems to be working fine. The only thing was that I've lost my configuration and the most problem for me, I have no wireless anymore. The tabblad wireless doesn't exists, so I cann't configure anything.

Also going back to the old software release doesn't activate my wireless.

So I hope someone can help me.

With kind regards,


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Re: SA520W doesn't support WLAN after IOS upgrade

Hi Edwin

So I guess you installed 1.1.21 software.

Release notes did say ; (URL  linked below)

Recommended Upgrade Steps
If the SA 500 you are upgrading is in its factory default state or you do not need to  retain any of the existing configuration, you can skip the steps for backing up, recording, and re-entering your existing configuration settings.
When upgrading the SA 500 follow these steps.

STEP 1 Back up the existing configuration using the SA 500 Configuration Utility.
If you have to revert to the previous firmware version, this allows you to restore the configuration associated with the prior version.
To access the configuration back-up options, click Administration on the menu bar, then click Firmware & Configuration > Network in the navigation tree.

Follow the instructions in the Cisco SA 500 Series Security Appliances Administration Guide to back up the configuration.

Write down or take screenshots of your existing configuration settings. After upgrading to firmware version SA500-K9-1.1.21, you must manually re-enter these settings through the SA 500 Configuration Utility.
This is necessary because the SA 500 is reset to factory defaults as part of the upgrade process and the previous configuration back-up file format is
incompatible with the format required for firmware version SA500-K9-1.1.21.

STEP 3 Perform the upgrade by using the Configuration Utility. Upgrade options are accessible from the Upgrade Firmware section of the Getting Started (Basic) page of the Configuration Utility.

STEP 4 Manually re-enter the configuration settings you recorded in Step 2.

STEP 5 Verify that the installation is functioning correctly.
If the upgrade is not successful, you can revert to the previous firmware version and restore the configuration from the backup that you created in Step 1.

Try the upgrade again . Then see if you can modify the wireless functionality to get connectivity. Do not restore any old configuration you may have saved.  If all else fails contact the Small Business Support Center (SBSC) or your distributor for support.  Contact details for the SBSC follows;

Hope this helps

regards Dave

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Re: SA520W doesn't support WLAN after IOS upgrade

Hello Dave,

I've do a software upgrade from 1.0.15 to 1.1.21 also by the steps mentioned in the release notes. But this wasn't working by me. After this upgrade the SA520W will work fine, only I have no wireless. I've also contact my distrubtor, but at this moment they couldn't help me also. Proberly they will replace my device for a new one.

Isn't it possible, that there is an issue with a license? (i mean, is the SA520 not the same as a SA520W only with a license for wireless support?)

So if you know something elso to help me with this, please let me know.



Re: SA520W doesn't support WLAN after IOS upgrade

Hi enieuwameronge

Just rang the product manager to find out if there is a known issue not mentioned in the release notes.

We are both a bit surprised by your situation. The code is the same on the SA520 and SA520W.  No extra license needed.If you have wireless it should be working.

Might I suggest you call the SBSC, contact details are in the URL below.

It would be good for the SA520W to be at the current release of code, before placing the call.

My apologies for this situation, the SBSC should be able to say if the wireless side is good or bad.

regards Dave

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