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SA520W IPSEC VPN for Newbies

My apologies in advance for the ignorance at my end, but I need a little guidance.

In setting up the IPSEC VPN using the VPN wizard.

In the settings for "Remote & Local WAN address".

Under "Remote WAN's IP address / FQDN"

Can someone explain to me what is required there?  What IP are they looking for there?  What would that look like?  It will not accept our normal external WAN IP from the ISP.

Also, can someone explain what the FQDN would look like.  Would that be  Or just  Or  In this case, what would that look like?

Then we reach the "Local Gateway Type" and  "Local WAN's IP address / FQDN".  So the same questions there.  Or will this just automagically fill or default to the correct settings?

Here's another question: One the VPN wizard screen, the Remote and Local WAN settings are filled in automatically. In our case the Local = and the Remote = The wizard accepted these as OK when applied. Should these be considered correct as entered?  If so, how is that a FQDN?

The Admin manual just say "enter the information" but gives no examples of what that might look like.

Thanks in advance!

Another Question:  After configuring the basic VPN settings we are invited to enter local database IPSec VPN users.  We already have some users enrolled via the  Administration / Users settings.  The VPN wizard will not allow a second duplicate entry (same user and PW).  Should we consider that the IPSec users are not common with users entered under Administrator / Users and should therefore they should be duplicated, but as unique and separate from the Administrator / Users users with unique usernames and PW?

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