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SA540 bug reporting

Where do you do bug reporting for this device?

The Optional WAN port will function even if nothing is plugged into it, so long as the device that serves your addresses, IE a cable modem, is plugged into the Dedicated WAN port.

had two static ip addresses.  one assigned to dedicated, one assigned to optional.  nothing plugged into optional.  could access both address from the outside and if i disabled the dedicated, from the inside would show the ip address of the optional, even though nothing was plugged into it.

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Re: SA540 bug reporting

I believe this is operating as expected. The SA should be responding for the addresses you have assigned to it. Basically, your isp sends the arp message for the destination ip address out the interface attached to your SA. The SA replies with the mac address of the port that the IP address is assigned to. This is common when you have 2 ip's from your isp and only 1 interface attached to the isp (useful if you have a http server in the dmz). It does not matter if there is anything attached (like with VLANs on a Linksys Small Business switch).


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