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SA540 Firewall Default Rules


Having troubles with this device.

IS there any way for us to see the running config that is configured in the firewall. Im not referring to what i have configured that is able to be viewed at the GUI; but rather the default rules that are already created in the firewall.

An example, i want to ensure that the ports within the Local Area Network has no restrictions.

Wondering how this rules in this model works? Whether does it has a default rule to block all ports by default within its LAN ? or Either wise?

It's a pain when a firewall doesnt have a CLI

Read so much negative reviews of this model and i hope i'm not one of the unlucky ones!

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SA540 Firewall Default Rules

And another note.

I did try to create a rule using the UI with Any LAN to LAN allow always any ports seems not to be technically possible

I'm only allowed to choose either one

any LAN to unsecured WAN

WAN to DMZ or


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SA540 Firewall Default Rules

Hello. Nad R,

Let me share with you the information related to Firewall  GUI configuration found on the guide me section, where you could find  the information and GUI configuration manuals about this and many other  devices.

I hope this information help you to familiarize with the GUI interface,

If this answer was satisfactory for you, please mark the question as Answered.

Diego Rodriguez

Cisco network engineer

Thank you


SA540 Firewall Default Rules

Hi Nad,

The Small Business Routers allow all LAN to LAN traffic by default. They block all WAN to LAN and allow all LAN to WAN as well.

- Marty

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