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sa540 ports 80 and 443 forwarding problems

I am having a problem getting the SA540 working with our Microsoft Small Business Server(SBS) 2008 due to a port/Nat mapping issue.  The SBS server requires that ports 25, 80, 443, 987, and 4125 be passed from the unsecure network through to the secure network to the SBS server.  I have setup the firewall IP4 rules to pass these ports through to the internal address but am having issues with the 80 and 443 ports.  Traffic on these ports is grabbed by the sa540 and shunted to the sa540 https login page.

I have tried turning off the remote management, I have tried moving the remote management to port 60443.  I have tried adding a second external IP Alias address for the sa540 and mapping this second address through the firewall.  I have tried configuring the Optional Port as a second external address.  I have tried using versions 1.015, 1.017 and 1.1.42 of the firmware. In all cases the sa540 grabs the traffic on these ports for itself.

I am really at a loss here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: sa540 ports 80 and 443 forwarding problems

Let me guess. It works great from the WAN side but not the LAN side?

Maybe the new firmware will resolve this issue.

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Re: sa540 ports 80 and 443 forwarding problems

Followed instructions in post  and requested rc1 firmware.  Good news the firmware candidate version 1.1.56 RC1 seems to have taken care of the problem.  Thansk for the help.

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