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SA540 taken over?

(I'm currently running firmware version 1.1.56)

Lately I've been using QuickVPN to work remotely, on occasion I've been unable to connect so I've been using SSL VPN to get into the LAN side, then log-in as the admin and reboot the SA540. After the reboot, QuickVPN typically works as it should. I few days ago I decided to enable WAN log-in for the admin account so I could simply log-in and reboot when I have a QuickVPN connection issue. (bypassing the SSL log-in)

My problem is as of this morning, I can no longer connect via QuickVPN and when I attempt to log-in using the SSL account or the admin account the SA540 tells me the session in "in use". I then click "continue" to close the other session but the SA540 come back saying invalid username / password for both accounts.

Few other things to add:

I always connect to the device using HTTPS

The SSL user account has a 7 digit all letters username & a 16 digit password which includes numbers, letters and special characters

The admin account has a 14 digit username which numbers, letters and special characters & a 15 digit password which includes numbers, letters and special characters

I'm starting to think moving away from a RV082 was the worst decision I've made in a very long time. WTF?

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Re: SA540 taken over?

Disregard, the problem was resolved with a complete power cycle. Add this to the multitude of bugs attached to the SA 500 series.

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