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SA5x0 future?

Currently we are seeing the SA5x0 being sold, but not supported. I know some cisco spindoctors will say they are supporting it, but lets stay to facts: No firmwares to fix issues, VPN-client download is headed by a big "end of life" header, no IPS signatures, no nothing. De facto a discontinued product, someone wants to sell the surplus stock of before admitting it's been discontinued.

I had been contemplating purchasing an additional two SA5x0 boxes, but quite frankly the experience so far has left me in doubt. Not about the product per se. The unit I have here (sa540 with 25 seat license) is a great little box, but Cisco's behaviour with regards to the SA5x0 has been horrible. And the lack of proper support for their existing customers DOES advertise "we do not want your money". I used to be a Cisco-lojal geek, but no more. Unless SOMEONE wakes up and actually takes care of their existing customers, I will advise against buying any gear with that logo on it.


Svein Skogen

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SA5x0 future?

Then do not recommend SA500 teams, because I have a client who asks me security on three levels, specifically Web access control, but also the VLAN's to segment broadcast domain, you know if you can create sub-SA540 interfaces communicate between VLANs?

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Re: SA5x0 future?

I agree with many points you have made.  It is time for another firmware maintenance release.  That's for sure.

They really need to fix the compatiability issue with SSL VPN and Mac OSX Lion and now Mountain Lion.

They also need to add inter-VLAN ACL support.  The latest beta firmware releases for the RV220W has inter-VLAN ACL support which gives us hope that they will add it to the SA500 Series routers.

I don't know if they can do anything about the throughput performance hit that occurs when turning on IPS, but they need to look into optimizing it a bit more.  50 Mbps would be about right for most small businesses.  100 Mbps is coming, but it's not mainstream yet.  The 500 Mhz chip in these routers can only be expected to do so much.

It goes without saying that we are due an IPS signature update.

They really need to add some resources to the SA500 Series routers development and support teams.  We have found our SA540 to be a great gateway router for our needs, but we need just a few things fixed that have been long over due.  I realize that the firmware is a lot better than it used to be.  They just need to focus on it just a bit more.  We are looking to go ipv6 soon.  We are hoping that any bugs and/or small enhancements in that area are addressed in the next maintenance release as well.

We are not looking forward to the day when the Cisco VPN Client is EOL.  We use it extensively.  I sure hope they add AnyConnect support in its place.

Cisco please listen to your small business customers.  These routers are actually great routers and well worth the premium price tag over the RV Series routers.

We have faith that Cisco won't let us down with the next firmware maintenance release.  It has been quite a while since the last one so it should be a good one. 

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SA5x0 future?

They released updated and new IPS signatures today.


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