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Specific Static NAT and VPN Support

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a firewall (or router) that can perform static NAT on a targeted basis, ie I need to map to but ONLY when its going to I'm not sure if this would be possible on all cisco firewalls and routers or not and have found it very confusing trying to find devices by specific feature?

In addition this device will need to support a VPN, preferably with atleast AES-128 but as I'm looking for a device to suggest to a school cost may be a bigger issue than security.

Any help would be greatly appreciated folks! Or if someone can just point me to a better way of searching devices by feature I would appreciate that even more!

Any guidance on which licenses might be required for the device would be a godsend aswell.

Thanks folks, really appreciate the help!



Specific Static NAT and VPN Support

Cisco IOS router support these features.

For VPN and security functions you must use a K9 IOS.

Static NAT config is very simple and is a base functionality.

Static NAT with a "filter" based on ip address can be realized with route-map.

This require only a little of skill.


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