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So I was able to successfully establish an SSL VPN session using my laptop with my wireless carriers air card and using SSL Port forwarding am able to access my various Terminal Servers and Desktops that are running RDC.  However when I take my laptop home and ditch the air card and use my home network I have problems.

I am able to log in and establish an SSL VPN session however I am unable to access my Terminal Servers or the Desktops.  If I put the air card back in then everything works as planned.  My gut is telling me that since my home network is in a 192.168.x.x and my office network is also in a 192.168.x.x network that I am getting a conflict.  Does that make sense?  I can figure out any other reason why the air card works but as soon as I get behind my home network I can't access anything.

Thanks in advance

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Re: SSL VPN Issue

What Cisco product is involved in this setup?

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Re: SSL VPN Issue

Sorry, SA 540.

Re: SSL VPN Issue

A few questions for you...

What is your office network setup as?

What is your SSLVPN subnet?

What is the subnet at home?

What version of code are you running?

If you have split tunneling enabled, I could see this as a problem, but you will have to have the subnets be an exact match for this to be a problem.

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Re: SSL VPN Issue

The office network is in the to range with a subnet of   I changed the SA540 to fit those parameters.

My home network was in the to range with the same subnet when I encountered this issue.

I am running the most recent firmware on the SA540.

Split tunneling is not enabled, I was only using Port Forwarding on the SSLVPN since I want to limit outside connections to a certain port and internal server.

I changed my home network today to to range with a subnet of, so that I could see if that fixes my issue but I won't be able to actually test it till later this week.

I'll post my results.

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