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VeriSign Identity Protection - VIP Questions

We are interesting in implementing the Verisign Identity Proctection (VIP) functionality.  Are there any forum members or Cisco folks that have working knowledge of it?  I would like to get everyone's impression of it.  Information on it is very sparce.  We would like to know about its cost, reliability, usability, limits, etc.  Also, is there a minimum number of users that must be purchased?  We are small and would need a handful of licenses.

We found out that Verisign allows us to use mobile phones in place of tokens.  I have already downloaded the app and it looks promising.  I want to make sure that this app would indeed work with our SA540.

Any information and/or first hand knowledge would be great.  Even some first hand knowledge of folks tried a trail version would be fine...  even some Cisco technicians/engineers that have tested it in the lab would sufice.

Oh, I think I read a post awhile back that someone tried implementing this functionality but were going to be forced to purchase a minimum of 100 tokens, which is kind of crazy since this router is designed for small businesses with less than 100 employees.  Anyway, can the phone app replace the tokens altogether thus rendering the 100 token minimum requirment uneccessary (if it is still a requirement in the first place).

As you can see I have done my research, but there simply isn't much information on VIP and it's implementation in the sa500 Series routers on the net.

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