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VLAN Routing between 2 Routers

I have a deployment that has changed and they need a few more ports for routing.  They have a Cisco router that is full (all ports used) but they need a few more.  The have an ISA550 that the configurable ports are not being used.  Can I configure those unused ports to route traffic for the VLAN on the main router?  If so, I have tried several configs and can't get it to work (no data flow) in fact it locks up the ISA550 so I am either doing something wrong or this is not possible.

Could someone chime in and give me a hand.  I need to have this done for tomorrow.



Hi John, I think it's best to

Hi John, I think it's best to use the right equipment for the job. If you've already got a router in place and you're not in a campus/metro/ISP environment, it's not really prudent to use another router. A simple layer 2 or layer 3 switch can accomplish this and give you plenty of ports at a much better price per port.

You may want to look in to the SG300 series switch if you want something that can handle route load and give ample amount of ports.

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Thanks for your reply, Tom.

Thanks for your reply, Tom.  The question had more to do with not wanting to spend additional money for a few more ports when they already own a security device that is only partially used.  I take from your response that it is not possible to add these ISA550's configurable ports to the VLAN on the main router.

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