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What VPN Client ?

Hi, I have a doubt about vpn client for SA520.

With SA520 I have a vpn connection with this parameters:

- IKE SA Parameters --> Authentication Method: Pre-shared Key

- ipsec users with Remote Peer Type --> standard ipsec (xauth)

1 - I can use both Quickvpn client and Cisco Clientvpn (version 5) ?

2- for quickvpn I must enable the 'remote mangement' ?

3- the native client of Windows XP/Vista/7 is compatible with this configuration ?

4- with "Remote Peer Type-->quickvpn" (instead standard ipsec - xuath ) I must modify, on my sa520, the internal ip address from to ??





Re: What VPN Client ?

Hello Salvatore,

First of all, there are just two kinds of VPN supported by the SA device, they are IPsec and SSL.

No, for the IPsec on a Client to gateway configuration you can only use the Cisco VPN Client, the Quick VPN is only compatible with the Small Business Series and the SA is a Small Business Pro.

Now, in regards to the native client for windows that would be PPTP, and the SA doesn't support it but it can let the PPTP traffic pass through to get to a PPTP server that you can have inside your network.

I guess that if you don't want to install any VPN Client software your best bet would be to use the SSL VPN, which by default has a restriction of only two seats (You can upgrade) in contrast with the IPsec that support 50.

Here is a link on the features of the SA5XX devices:

Hope this information Helps.

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Re: What VPN Client ?

Hi and thanks for your support, I have a little bit of confusion about vpn client for SA520, in another post there is:

"Unfortunately the SA will only work with QuickVPN and will not work with Cisco VPN clients..."

the link of this thread is:;jsessionid=5131D95EA3E1E95A6218FCF9563F6162.node0


I must use IPSEC and unfortunately I cannot use SSL because I have more von remote access.




Re: What VPN Client ?

You can use 3rd party IPSEC client such as shrewsoft.  I am working on a document of how to make this work together.  I hope to be done with this document today.

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Re: What VPN Client ?


Was the document you were referring to every posted?


Bob Friend


Correction on previous post.

Hello, I have to apologize for the precious post, I got a little confuse and I gave you the wrong information.

The SA will work with the Quick VPN client, and yes, you need to enable remote management for this to work.

As for PPTP the information previously offered is correct.

Sorry for the mis understanding.

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