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Adding a 300 series switch to UC320

Hi Joel,

As promised, I have attached a configuration file that can be restored to any 300 series switch (SRW2xxx-K9-NA)  that will allow for SPA  phone connectivity to the voice vlan on a UC320w.

Joel,  there are two VLANs on UC320,  an untagged vlan as well as tagged VLAN VID=100

If you are curious the CLI script contained within the config file  is;

vlan database

vlan 100


lldp med network-policy 1 voice vlan 100 vlan-type tagged

interface range ethernet all

switchport trunk allowed vlan add 100

lldp med enable network-policy

lldp med network-policy add 1


Just out of interest, when we get a new version of 300 series switch firmware in a month or so, the switch will support CDP.

CDP will negate the need for this script. In other words this script may be more relevant to OEM phone systems like Mitel, Nortel, shoretel  and all the other tels.

But today without CDP in the Sx300 or Sx200 series switches restore the attached config file , but then you may have to again assign a IP address to the switch.

regards Dave

Community Member

Hi David,

Thanks for the config file saves a lot of programming time.



Thanks Mario,

regards Dave

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Hi David,

Going to ask a really stupid question here, how do you upload this script and apply it, I have done everything I think is right and I do not believe it to be working, I am unable to get the SPA phones to register to a UC320W.




This posting is now out of date since the 300 series switch was released with firmware 1.1 in june 2011.  The 300 series switc now natively supports CDP.  Hopefully by the end of July 2011, CCA version 3.1 will provide the same configuration support as  seen for  the ESW switch.

regards Dave