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AP521 Tips for OnPlus

Portal Feature

This device will be detected by CDP and CAM tables, so you must plug it into a Cisco OnPlus-portal supported switch.

Access/Device Information

You must provide credentials in order to access the device.

Credentials are entered under Credentials > Login and Credentials > Enable in the Device Information window on the portal.

No information will be read by the portal until you enter valid credentials.

Device Configuration Backup and Restore

You must provide credentials in order to access configuration and backup and restore functions.

Remote Access

The normal web access should work correctly with this device. You will be prompted for a username/password and then presented with a configuration web page.

Upgrade Firmware

As long as you provided credentials, firmware upgrades should function properly. If the device has defined a boot load with the boot system command, firmware updates do not occur, as the administrator has defined a specific load intended for the device.

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