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AP541 Tips For OnPlus

Portal Feature

Since the device is discovered via CDP, it should always have the platform and firmware set.

Discovery requires that login username and password be set. Credentials are entered under Access > Login and Access > Enable in the Device Information window on the portal.

If you provide credentials, the following fields will be set: platform, serial, firmware, pidvid, identity, description, uptime, rebooted, and wireless. Devices connected to this device should show up in the Topology.

Device Configuration          Backup and Restore

Backup and restore requires that login username and password be set.

The backup and restore of the device configuration is supported. After a restore, the device is rebooted so the new configuration can take effect. Backups that are done with firmware 1.9.1 are compatible with 1.9.2. Typically, backups are only valid for the firmware load on which they are made.

Upgrade Firmware

Firmware upgrades require that the login username and password be set.

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