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Can I share my desktop with Cisco Jabber Video?

During a call, you can share information from one or more applications on your computer. Here are some examples:

  • Share your word processor and let call participants see your meeting notes as you type.
  • Share pictures from your computer as a slideshow.
  • Share your image editor or other visualization tool, drawing as you go.
  • Share your web browser, email inbox, or calendar.
  • Windows: Share your entire screen with all open applications, for example, to demonstrate a process onscreen.

  1. Click on the toolbar. A list of your open applications appears.
  2. Select an application. Sharing starts automatically.

    Windows: Select Entire screen to share all applications on your desktop.

    Windows: If you choose to share your entire screen, we recommend minimizing the Cisco Jabber Video screens, in particular the video screen. Otherwise, these are included in the shared presentation. 
  3. The shared application appears to you as a picture-in-picture inside the video screen. Double-click the PiP to switch focus to it.

    If you have limited bandwidth or system resources, turning off your camera during application sharing can improve presentation quality. 
  4. To stop sharing, click , and then click Stop sharing presentation.

    Windows: You can also share an application screen from within an application itself. Open the application and put it in full-screen mode (or slideshow mode for PowerPoint presentations). When a message appears asking whether you want to share the application using Jabber Video, click Yes. To stop sharing, exit full-screen or slideshow mode.

    Mac: Other participants cannot see your cursor or mouse pointer when you share an application. Also, Mac OS does not support sharing your entire screen.

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