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Catalyst 4948 Tips for OnPlus

Portal Feature

No Catalyst 4948 CatOS devices are supported. Supported devices must be IOS-based.

If CDP is enabled, the device will be discovered properly.

Access/Device Information

Regardless of whether your credentials are provided, you will discover the device's MAC address and IP address.

If the Cat C4948 series router has SSH access, and Level 15 credentials are entered under Access > Login and Access > Enable in the Device Information window on the portal, the device information collected will include Serial Number, PID/VID, device type, model name, and description. In addition, the device's ARP and CAM tables will be used to discover additional devices.

Device Configuration Backup and Restore

The backup of an Cat 4948 series router consist solely of storing a copy of the startup-config file.

To restore the configuration, the saved file is copied to startup-config, and the router is rebooted, loading the new configuration.

Backup and restore both require device access credentials (login and enable access).

Upgrade Firmware

The firmware for the Cat 4948 routers is not included in the feature pack. The portal will not automatically detect when firmware needs to be updated.. To upgrade firmware, make sure that you have entered Level 15 login credentials and password. Download the firmware load from and upload it to the device through the portal while logged in as an agent.

Remote Access

The normal web access will not work. If you have CP Express loaded on the router, it will try and load that program up and run it. This is a Java program and does not work properly through the http tunnel that is being created.

Remote access is possible with the following method using a generic tunnel:

To get a CLI prompt, use port 22. Once the tunnel is opened, copy the link into your SSH program and make the connection.