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CCA 3.2.1 / Software Pack 8.6.0 Available Now !

The Cisco CCA team announces the availability of the latest release of Cisco® Configuration Assistant. CCA Version 3.2.1 is a maintenance release focused on quality improvements along with a few features. Cisco Configuration Assistant is an easy-to-use interface for managing platforms within the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS).
Attached is an OFT outlining Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.2.1 announcement. Feel free to share it with partners by adding a contact name and number at the bottom, if you choose.  

This announcement covers the following topics:
1. Key Features and Enhancements

2. Documentation

3. Localization
1. Key Features and Enhancements
Limited Support for  the following SIP devices

  • •1.      Cisco Jabber for iPhone
  • •2.      CP-8961, CP-9951 and CP-9971
  • •3.      SPA8000 and SPA8800 (FXS only) gateways.

2. Documentation
For more information and to download Cisco Configuration Assistant, visit: (Note: CCA 3.2 documentation available on January 30th, 2012)
Note: Cisco Configuration Assistant 2.x installations cannot be updated to Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.0 and later using the Application Update process. You must download Cisco Configuration Assistant from ( and install it manually.

3. Localization

Note: This version of CCA has NOT been localized.

If you like to use a localized version of CCA you would need to remain on CCA 3.2 and use SWP 8.2.0. CCA 3.2.1 is required for SWP8.6.0. If you need to the new features on CCA 3.2.1/ SWP 8.6.0 you would need to use the English version of CCA 3.2.1.

For a full list of features supported in Cisco Configuration Assistant and the Cisco SBCS, please refer to the Cisco Smart Business Communications System Feature Reference Guide (available on January 30th, 2012):

For Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.2 release notes, go to:

An administrator’s guide for Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.2 can be found at:

Information on Cisco UC500 Software Packs can be found at:

You can download the Cisco UC500 Software Pack from the Download Center or from the Support Community at:

Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.2.1 is backward compatible with previous Cisco Configuration Assistant and Cisco UC500 software pack releases.

Best Regards,
The CCA Team

Community Member


Thanks to you and the rest of the development team for getting this out the door.  As a partner, I am happy to see this available.


Community Member

I'm updating right now via CCA 3.2.1, I'll let you know how I go...

Community Member

ok well that went swimmingly well! took just over an hour from my PC which does not have a direct connection to the UC540. I'll try setting up jabber now

Community Member

Any information on how we can set up Jabber on the UC500?

I have added the following config for the phone setup:

voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323

allow-connections h323 to sip

allow-connections sip to h323

allow-connections sip to sip

supplementary-service h450.12

no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily

no supplementary-service sip refer

fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redundancy 0 hs-redundancy 0 fallback pass-through g711ulaw


  call service stop


  bind control source-interface Vlan100

  bind media source-interface Vlan100

  registrar server

  no update-callerid


voice class codec 1

codec preference 1 g711ulaw

codec preference 2 g729r8



voice register global

mode cme

source-address port 5060

max-dn 10

max-pool 10

load 7971 term71.default

authenticate register

authenticate realm

timezone 13


mwi stutter

mwi reg-e164

voicemail 200

tftp-path flash:

create profile sync 0002786274701508

voice register dn  1

number 207

call-forward b2bua busy 200 

call-forward b2bua noan 200 timeout 20

call-forward b2bua unregistered 200 

name Test


label 207


voice register pool  2

registration-timer max 720 min 660

id mac 9028.E56F.C414

session-transport tcp

type CiscoMobile-iOS

number 1 dn 1

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

username iPhone password 1234

codec g711ulaw


When  I try to connect using SEP9028E56FC414 in device ID, I get "unable to  verify account" on the iPhone and the TFTP debugging on the router  shows:

000224: Jun  6 10:58:08.051: TFTP: Looking for CTLFile.tlv

000225: Jun  6 10:58:08.083: TFTP: Looking for SEP9028E56FC414.cnf.xml

000226: Jun  6 10:58:08.083: TFTP: Opened flash:/SEP9028E56FC414.cnf.xml, fd 14, size 3103 for process 72

000227: Jun  6 10:58:08.151: TFTP: Finished flash:/SEP9028E56FC414.cnf.xml, time 00:00:00 for process 72

000228: Jun  6 10:58:08.203: TFTP: Looking for CUPC/AppDialRules.xml

000229: Jun  6 10:58:08.243: TFTP: Looking for CUPC/DirLookupDialRules.xml

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



Community Member


There is an app note / document on how to configure Jabber on the documents tab.

Community Member

Jabber was quite easy to setup using CCA. Looks like you are using CLI (unsupported method) good luck

Community Member

I've downloaded the 8.6 Zip twice now and both times it stops at 488 Meg. Is there an issue with this, or is the sizing incorrect on the table?


Bob James

Community Member

Try firefox. Other people have had sucess.

Community Member

Navin, It was right I just didn't see it was in bytes. By the way I tried FSUM on it and couldn't get an MD5 off it is this normal?

Community Member

Navin is there a document highlighting what is and is not available on the 9951/71 phones with the UC5x0?

As well is there a path document for these phones on the UC?


Bob James

Community Member


The release notes has that. The list is pretty short.