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Cisco IP Telephony Devices Provisioning Guide

This document is written for service providers who offer services using Cisco Small Business Pro (and Linksys) VoIP Products and specifically for administrative staff responsible for remote provisioning and preprovisioning SPA devices.

There are two available Provisioning Guides :


VIP Blue

Released in august 2012, claimed to be "replaced 2009 version of provisioning guide with 2012 version"

List of supported devices: PAP2T, SPA[23]102, SPA8000, WRP400, SPA30[13], SPA50x, SPA525G/G2

Where is SPA1[12]2 ? Does it mean that Cisco doesn't feel those devices to be ready for production deployment ?

Cisco Employee

Hi Dan,

My mistake. Thanks for letting me know.

We have a Provisioning Guide specific to the SPA1xx ATA and another Provisioning Guide for all other devices. This is our attempt at making documents that are specific to a product that will hopefully make the document easier to use.




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Thank you very much for explanation and for SPA1x2 provisioning guide. I aprecitate fast and helpfull response.

Just note - as we have hybrid networks (e.g. mix of SPA50x, PAP2T and SPA1x2) with common provisioning, it is better for me to have all information withing one document, showing diferences between devices. Separate documentsrequire depth-in analysis to found differences by myself.

Just declaration of my preferences - I'm not complaining.

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As of 1.3.1 firmware release, the document should be updated. The TFTP is not the only choice for auto-configuration by using a local DHCP server during SP-CUST phase of provisioning process. Description of Profile_Rule needs to be updated as well (chapter 5, chapter 6).

By the way, the statement claiming that firmware upgrade can't be achieved via HTTPS ("Provisioning Overview" paragraph) seems not to be true for SPA1x2 devices even with pre-1.3.1 firmware.

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Anyone may be interested to know that PAP2T adapters (and other devices of the same family) even with latest firmware as well as SPA50x&SPA30x family with pre-7.5.2b firmware doesn't support Diffie-Hellman keys larger than 1024b.

Those devices will refuse to connect to SSL provisioning server if it use larger key.

Such limit is not documented nor the affected device will record helpful message in syslog&debug.

Recent HTTPS servers are going to use 2048b DH keys by default. It caused many sleepless nights for me to analyze the issue ...