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Configure a VPN tunnel that routes all traffic to Remote Gateway.pdf

This document shows how to configure a site-to-site tunnel between RV042 (branch office) and RV082 (central site), and route all traffic from branch office to the central site through the tunnel.

New Member

Is it possible to route all traffic to a remote gateway using the RV-042 V3 hardware version? When I use the V2 hardware, I can access the rv-042 when the VPN is up, but if I use the V3 hw, I can't access the router until the vpn goes down....

The issue is now fixed in firmware

New Member

Can this be done using RVS4000 gateway to RVS4000 gateway tunnel?  I attempted to configure the local/remote security groups and get the following error message returned.  "Remote Security Groupo and Local Security Group cannot be in the same network."

One RVS4000 is running FW and the other RVS4000 is running RVS4000v2_2.0.2.7. 

No, RVS4000 does not support this.

New Member

I followed this lab to configure a gateway-to-gateway tunnel using RV042 version v4.1.1.01-sp at both ends. It seemes to be working, however communication seems to be limited to one way. I can ping and use remote desktop to connect to servers at the central location, but when trying to ping or RDP to servers at the branch locaiton I get nothing.
I'm guessing it has to do with the multiple subnet configuration. Following your instuctions I wind up with the same ip address configured on both routers. Do you know of any way to fix this?