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Configuring SPA112 with CUCM

You have a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) system and want to configure a SPA112 analog telephone adaptor (ATA) to register to the CUCM so that you can use up to two analog phones or similar FXS devices with the CUCM.

In this application note, I have a Cisco Business Edition 6000 (informally also known as the BE6000 or BE6k). My BE6000 is running CUCM
I have a SPA112 ATA running 1.3.1(003) firmware and an analog phone connected to the PHONE 1 port of the SPA112. ...


Thank you for sharing this How to guide. Tested on CUCM 10.5 all works great. Just a note, the user ID must be a numeric only. If you try alpha only and alphanumberic as the user ID SPA112 doesn't register.

Thank you for sharing!



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Good morning , sorry revive the topic .
 I have problems to configure the SPA112 line 2 as I am newbie in ccum would like guidance on setting the line2 .

Sorry for my english

Hi rodolfo

For SPA112 line 2 you need create: second user, second device, second DN.

SIP Third-party devices don't use MAC for registration. They use digest autentithication.

br Oleksandr

Hi Oleksandr,


How can I create a second device? The same mac address?


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Hi Daniel,

You can not use same mac address. CUCM database does not allow two devices with same mac.

For CUCM database you may use fake mac.

SIP Third-party devices don't use MAC for registration.


br Oleksandr

Hi Oleksandr,


Thank you for the answer.


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Daniel Sobrinho

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I am working on deploying SPA122's as a fax solution and I am wondering about licensing. Where with phones I can assign up to 10 phones to a single Owner using a CUWL license, it seems each SPA/fax will require a Basic(?) license because they use Digest authentication and CUCM states, "Digest user can be configured either on one third party basic or advanced SIP device or on mutiple Cisco SIP devices."

Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Is there any way to have multiple SPA's/faxes on a license?

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Thanks all.

I understand that also is supported in CUCM 11?


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One CUCM end user (one license), one (or possibly more) SPA device, multiple lines.  Here's how:

(valid for CUCM 11.5 and SPA112 firmware 1.4.1)


under System -> Security -> Phone Security Profile, added a phone security profile called SPA112 which was a copy of the third party SIP ADVANCED profile but with the "enable digest authentication" box checked

the SPA device is then added as a third party ADVANCED device type phone, with device security profile of SPA112 and "owner user ID" and "digest user" both set to the one CUCM end user account created for faxing (in this example 0586 is the user ID, I think it must be numeric only)

added two lines to the SPA device, for each one being sure the full 10-digit number of the fax as the external phone number mask, max calls and busy trigger both to 1, and check the caller name and dialed number boxes for forwarded call information display. also must associate the user (0586) with the line after saving line for the first time.

then on the SPA device:

after basic IP and administrative config

on the voice tab, for line 1
set SIP transport to TCP
make sure SIP port is 5060 (default for line 1 on SPA but not for line 2, 5060 is defined in CUCM on the SPA112 device security profile that was created above)
set proxy to IP of CUCM subscriber
display name (optional I think) to same as caller ID for the line in CUCM
user ID as the 4-digit extension of the line (last four of fax number)
auth ID as the ID of the CUCM end user (0586 in this example)
password as the digest credential for the CUCM end user
use auth ID set to YES

then for line 2 do the same thing, making sure the user ID is the 4 digit extension you want line 2 to be but the other ID and password fields are the same as line 1 because both use the same CUCM end user, and making sure the SIP port is 5060 NOT 5061 like is likely the default for line 2 in the SPA device

all other settings for the lines on the SPA probably don't have to be modified.  I was able to get faxes in and out without changes any of the other factory default settings not explicitly mentioned here.

make sure your inbound and outbound call routing, however you are doing it, is set up properly and then test and you should be good to go.  be sure you know if, from the analog phone or fax you need to be dialing a 9 or anything to get an outside line, or if you have to dial a # after a 4-digit extension if you didn't modify the dialing plan on the SPA device and don't want to wait for the inter-digit timeout.

NOTE: the SPA device as registered in CUCM will show "Partial Registered" status but this doesn't seem to matter. both lines work and can be used simultaneously

have only done this with 2 lines at this point but I would guess that you could have another SPA device with 2 lines, configure them with different extensions but use the same CUCM end user, and make them lines 3 and 4 (or 5 and 6, or 7 and 8) on the "phone" you added already and it would probably work without consuming more licenses as it seems a third party SIP device can take 8 lines.  UPDATE: This works for OUTBOUND only.  Inbound only one SPA per 3rd party phone registered will work (whichever one has its IP registered to call manager which is probably the last one installed).  So if you are looking to minimize licenses consumed, buy a SPA8000 for 8 analog lines to 1 user license and I would guess you'd be fine.  otherwise its 1 user license per SPA/ATA (1 user license per however many FXS ports are on the physical SPA/ATA device).

SPA8000 and SPA8800 also exist and have more ports, but I don't have any hands-on time with those

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Thanks for such a detailed accounting of how to achieve this. I will be sure to try this out next time.

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I read the PDF file and it was very helpful ...

I have the SPA122 and following the steps of the document, I can only operate a single line. (line 1). Registered in my CUCM 11.x

Someone could help me to configure the second line of the SPA122 devices?

I can not create another device because CUCM requests to enter the MAC Address and also associate the second DN to the created device, but I can not register it.

Thank you very much