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How can I change the video resolution (Windows only) on Cisco Jabber Video?

Cisco Jabber Video automatically sets video resolution at the highest resolution possible based on the available system resources. If Jabber Video detects an increase or decrease in system resource use, it adjusts resolution up or down accordingly, up to the maximum resolution for your system.

You can also manually adjust the resolution.

  1. On the Jabber Video control screen, click .

  2. Click Video.

  3. Drag the slider to adjust the resolution between low and high. To restore the default setting, click Reset to default.

  4. Click OK.
New Member

I don't see slider on this screen.  There is one on bandwidth setting. Please advise if there is another screen to set video resolution as I keep getting message that my windows resource is running low.

New Member

Do not see slider on this setting. Instead see it on bandwidth setting.