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Need a replacement Cisco router for Verizon fios router ( Actiontec MI424-WR)

I am managing one small business has 70 compuers ( Internet game center )

Their customers do gaming ( LoL, WoW, Steam ).

First time, I installed two T1 from ISP (XO Comm) 3M bandwidth.

Cisco router from XO is working fine but problem is all network is looks down, I found that network latency ping is over 3000.

Their one customer used normally 2M network bandwidth so at a same time over 50 customer download some file what happen is that latency is 3000.

So, I recently change ISP from XO to business class Verizon fios gives 50M/50M with one static IP.

and Verizon sent Actiontech MI424-WR). I installed it and network bandwidth is ok. but Actiontech router is down. I think the Router cannot cover over 20 computers' network job. Always over 20 customer play or download game, router is down.

I am thinking replacement router to Cisco 1941 router.

My point is

1. cost should be around $1000.00

2. available GUI

3. available Verizon ONT --- Cat5 ---- Cisco 1941 (or better one can be recommanded ) -- 48port switch x 2.

Please advise me.

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Hi Eric,

Please repost this as a discussion located here:

You posted this as a document where you will most likely not get a response.


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