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New WAN Connection State Monitor (OnPlus r7.7)

Release r7.7 of the OnPlus Service provides a new WAN Connection State Monitor that allows you enable and disable OnPlus WAN connection monitoring and configure settings to control the sensitivity of the WAN up/down monitor.

In prior releases of OnPlus, WAN connection monitoring was always enabled and no configuration settings were provided.

The following notes apply to using the WAN Connection State Monitor:

  • To access the WAN Connection State monitor, open the device window for the WAN connection device (root device) on the network or the ON100 device and select the Monitors tab.

  • By default, WAN Connection State Monitor is Enabled.
  • You can configure the monitor to raise a WARNING-level event immediately if site connectivity is lost unexpectedly--or to wait for a specified length of time before raising the event level from NOTICE to WARNING event if the site is still down.
    NOTE: If you want the WAN monitoring to behave exactly as it did in releases prior to r7.7,  simple enable the Immediately on detection of WAN outage option.
  • NOTICE-level events are raised if loss of site connectivity is due to a controlled shutdown or reboot of the ON100 (for example, ON100 firmware upgrades or user-initiated reboot). These are normal, operational situations and cannot be raised in severity to WARNING .
  • Site up/down event messages and notifications have also been updated to reflect these changes. For example, here are some sample event messages showing the severity level being raised from the initial NOTICE to a WARNING for a more persistent outage:

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