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PAP2T: Saving a PAP2T's Configuration

Ever wonder how you can send a PAP2T's configuration to someone for analysis?

It's simple and is done in a few seconds.

You'll need:

  - Device's IP address

  - Computer with network access  to the device

  - Administration password for device [if set]

  - WAN access to the device's administration web server

Saving the PAP2T's configuration:

1. Direct your browser to http://<IP_of_device>/admin/voice/advanced

2. Use your browser's save page feature to write the device's entire Voice configuration to a single file:

      • IE: Page > Save As > Save as type Webpage, HTML only
      • FireFox: File > Save Page As > Save as type Web Page, complete

3. Name the file as follows: PAP2T_date_time.html

Example: PAP2T_Sep012009_08h45.html

Now you can send the PAP2T_Sep012009_08h45.html file to someone in order to show them how you have configured the device. Don't worry, they cannot access your device's passwords.