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Port Range Forwarding of RV180 and RV180W VPN Routers

Port Range Forwarding of RV180 and RV180W VPN Routers how to document.  See attached Knowledge Base Article #4957

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Ok, but what if you want to forward incoming traffic that is within a range and not change it? For example, FTP ports 20-21? The online help for port forwarding mentions this option:


Forward to Port:To which Port the traffic should be forwarded:Same as incoming port,Specify Port


which is exactly what is required, but the feature does not exist in the interface.

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Using an RV180W ( - I'm following the instructions (above) and it's working for most of my computers. However, twice in as many months I find I can no longer remote (mstsc) into a computer from outside the network. I set up a bunch of custom configurations with different port numbers which forward to different computers (static IP) and 3389 for RDP. Just this morning I was connected into one of the computers, it suddenly went away and I could no longer connect. I strongly suspect it's a router issue because when I'm on the internal network I can remote into the same computer just fine. Has anyone else seen this? Is there logging I can turn on or look at to tell me exactly what's going on?