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Problem acessing DDNS adresses after RV180W install

Hi, my name is Akira and this is my first time on this community.

I bought a SOHO router RV180W and really impressed with a variety of resources.

Unfortunnaly I having 2 problems that I can't solv with this device and I ask  for a help here.

1 - I cannot access internal resources that uses DDNS or External IPs from inside.

I have some selles on my environmet who works outside but sometimes they are inside and in this moment the resources cannot be accessed inside my evironment.

The sellers access my system by RDP tha uses a external IP or Externally that works fine. Inside the environment the same resources can be access by, if I uses DDNS or external IP, it not works...

Even my IP Cams, on browser, it not works...

2 - I configured 3 SSIDs and 2 VLANS. The SSID Office and SSID Sales on VLAN 1 and SSID Guest on VLAN 2:

I Enable QoS and mode Rate Limit. I created 2 profiles: Office - QoS High and Guest - Max Bandwidth limit 256 kbps.

I binded profile by VLAN.

All config looks fine, but when I connect to Guess, I can use the bandwidth at maximum of the speed.

Well... anyone can help me?

Best Regards



Please re-post  your questions as a discussion.