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Problem with srw224g4 and VLAN


I like to sepearte a private from a business network in the same IP-range ( with the one Gateway (

So I create three port-based VLANs ID10 for private (Ports 1-10), ID20 for business (port 11-20) and ID 30 (port 23) to access a internet router.

All connected devices in VLAN 10 should be seperated from ID20 and vice versa but both VLANs should user the Internet configured at port 23.

But I can't get it working, because I have two problems:

1. if a Port is not in the default VLAN ID 1, I can not access the WebGui of the switch anymore.

2. I dont't know how to setup up port 23 ID30 to be use for both VLANs.

Any suggestion are welcome :-)

Best regards,


PS: or does anyone knows a good document that illustrates how to configure VLANs?

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New Member

Hello Frank,

I'm sure we can find a solution, but we need more information about your network devices. Does your router support dot1q VLAN trunk? If you don't know, you can clarify the brand and model name of your router and I can try to find out its tech specs.

Best regards,

Ivan Bondar


New Member

Hello Ivan.

thank you for the fast reply.

The router is a Draytek Vigor 2130n. The DSL-Router has a 4 port switch and can build also a VLAN with the 4 prots so I think it can handle it.

Best regards,


New Member

No ideas anyone?


Hi Frank,

You posted your question as a document instead of a discussion.

Please repost this question in the discussion area located here:

Cindy Toy
Cisco Small Business Community Manager
for Cisco Small Business Products