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ProtectLink to WFBS Service switch FAQs

•1.     What products are covered?

3-year ProtectLink products.  The specific part numbers are:

Part Number                                      Description

L-PL-GW-100MAX-3=                         ProtectLink Gateway 100
L-PL-GW-25MAX-3=                           ProtectLink Gateway 25
L-PL-WEB-3=                                    ProtectLink Web
L-PLEP-25-3YR=                               ProtectLink Gateway 25
L-PLEP-5-3YR=                                 ProtectLink Web
SA520-GW100BUN3-K9                     ProtectLink Gateway 100
SA520-GW25-BUN3-K9                     ProtectLink Gateway 25
SA520-WEB-BUN3-K9                       ProtectLink Web
SA520W-GW100BN3-K9                   ProtectLink Gateway 100
SA520W-GW25BUN3-K9                   ProtectLink Gateway 25
SA520W-WEB-BUN3-K9                   ProtectLink Web
SA540-GW100BUN3-K9                    ProtectLink Gateway 100
SA540-GW25-BUN3-K9                    ProtectLink Gateway 25
SA540-WEB-BUN3-K9                      ProtectLink Web

•2.     What Trend Micro product is being offered?

Customers who choose to continue with the service can opt to switch to Worry Free Business Security Services, a security service offered by TrendMicro.  This is a security client that runs on Window, MAC and Android devices.  With Worry Free Business Security Service device can be centrally managed from the cloud, eliminating the need to manage individual device or setup a server application to manage devices.  The description from the website is as follows:

Enterprise-quality protection for small businesses

“Worry-Free Business Security Services is a server-free security solution for small businesses that require enterprise-class protection.

Powered by the Trend Micro™Smart Protection Network™ and delivered as a hosted security service, Worry-Free Business Security Services safeguards your devices with the latest threat information. It’s the same industry-leading protection that millions of enterprises, small businesses, and consumers worldwide rely upon.”

Protection Against

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Hackers
  • Cybercriminals
  • Zero Day Threats
  • Malicious Websites


  • No server or maintenance required
  • Monitors, updates, and protects all of your computers automatically
  • Protects Windows, Mac, and Android devices whether in the office or on the road
  • Stops threats before they reach your business
  • Blocks employee access to unwanted websites
  • Device control that prevents data loss and downloading from infected attached devices
  • Locks down confidential and financial data
  • Each seat comes with protection for 2 Android devices

More info at:

•3.     Does Worry Free Business Security include Web Filtering?

Yes. It has URL filtering allows you to control which websites your employees can visit at times you deem appropriate.

•4.     How many Worry Free Business Security (WFBS) licenses do I get?

ProtectLink Web                  5 seats of WFBS Services (The approximate cost to buy 5 seats would be $200 per year.)

ProtectLink Gateway 25       25 seats of WFBS Services (The approximate cost to buy 25 seats would be $1000 per year.)

ProtectLink Gateway 100     100 seats of WFBS Services (The approximate cost to buy 100 seats would be $3,000 per year.)

The expiration date of your WFBS would be the same as your ProtectLink license.  If your ProtectLink expiration date were June 1 2016, then you WFBS licenses would also expire on June 1 2016.

•5.     Does Cisco have a replacement service?

The Cisco Small Business team is working on a replacement service, but it is still in development.  It will not be available, most likely, until the middle of 2015.  Also, it will likely not be implemented on products that introduce before May 2013. 

•6.     What are the differences between the ProtectLink service and the Worry Free Business Security Service?


Worry-Free Business Security Services


Easy-to-use,   easy-to-access web console

check mark.jpg

Management   server location

Hosted by Trend Micro. No server or maintenance required

Updates   and patches pushed to users



PCs,   laptops, Windows servers

check mark.jpg

Mac   clients and servers

check mark.jpg

Android   Devices (each seat comes with additional protection for 2 Android devices)

check mark.jpg


Defends   against viruses, spyware and other malware

check mark.jpg

UNIQUE -   Advanced URL filtering blocks inappropriate websites

check mark.jpg

check mark.jpg

Web threat   protection stops viruses and threats  before they reach your business

check mark.jpg

check mark.jpg


Device   control - limits access of USB drives and other attached devices to prevent   data loss and block threats

check mark.jpg


Stops spam   and email-based viruses before they reach mail servers

Via   included Hosted Email Security (Protect Link Gateway)

Via Hosted Email Security Purchase

•7.     Does TrendMicro Worry Free Business Security Services run on my Cisco Small Business Router?

No. The Worry Free Business Security Services is a client-based solution. You can install the security agent on the devices in your network and then control the access through the cloud.

•8.     What is the hardware requirement to run TrendMicro Worry Free Business Security Services on our devices?

The hardware requirement can be found at

•9.     Will Cisco be supporting the customers who install TrendMicro Worry Free Business Security Service?

No, TrendMicro will be supporting the customers who opt to switch to Worry Free Business Security services.

•10. Can I run the Worry Free Business Security Service with my existing AntiVirus software and/or device based firewall?

Answers to Frequently asked questions can be found at

•11. Whom can I contact to get more information regarding this program?

Please send your questions to:

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